General resources including audio clips, articles, books, films, podcasts and videos relating to population and progress. *Tip: To more easily search through the list use Ctrl+F*


  • NPR story: Population Growth on the Leonard Lopate Show – Link
  • NPR story: Visualizing How A Population Grows To 7 Billion – Link


  • Billion-Dollar MegaProjects That Will Transform NYC By 2030 – Link
  • Climate Central – Reports on the facts related to our changing climate and its impact on the American public – Link
  • Foreign Affairs: The Dying Bear – Case study of Russia and its shrinking population. – Link
  • Foreign Affairs: The economic connection to pop. growth. – Link
  • Foreign Affairs: The New Pop. Bomb – Effects on international security and foreign affairs. – Link
  • How youth view the 21st century in their hometown –  Link
  • Huffington Post: Pop. bulge in India – Effects on it’s economy. – Link
  • LA Times: Beyond 7 Billion Series – Articles, blogs, multimedia resources. – Link
  • Lexicon of Food – Multimedia articles on all food-related issues and ideas – Link
  • MinnPost – Report on Twin Cities decreasing pop. growth – Link
  • National Geographic – Effects of urbanization and pop. growth on the environment. – Link
  • National Geographic Special Series: 7 Billion – Link
  • National Geographic – Why population matters politically, socially, economically. – Link
  • New Yorker – Billions and Billions – What this means in historical and contemporary contexts. – Link
  • NPR: Population hitting 7 billion – Link
  • NPR 7 Billion Series/Multimedia – Link
  • NYT – Garment Workers in Bangladesh Demand Higher Wages – Link
  • The Population Problem – Effects on economy, agriculture and well-being – Link
  • Think Progress: Human and Environmental Progress – Rio+20 – New metrics to measure progress. – Link
  • Time Magazine – Is GDP an Obsolete Measure of Progress? – Link
  • United Nations Conference on Climate Change – Articles, videos, and photojournalism on the issues and the Paris conference itself – Link
  • WSJ – Latinos – Growing Hispanic pop. in the U.S. – Link
  • Yale Environment 360: What if experts are wrong? – Analysis of population data – Link


  • “How’s Life? Measuring well-being”: OECD book about the social, economic, and political aspects of progress. – Link
  • “Political Demography: How Population Changes Are Reshaping International Security and National Politics” – Link
  • “World Population Policies: Their Origin, Evolution, and Impact”: The history of population policies. – Link


  • Documentary about 7 Billion and its consequences. – Link
  • One Day on Earth – participants across the world filming stories for their future- Link
  • View Change – using the power of film to tell stories about real people and progress in global development. Choose from a large selection of documentaries – Link


  • Conversations with the Earth: Indigenous Voices on Climate Change – multimedia, photo and video stories from around the world – Link
  • Foods that families from around the world eat – Link
  • The Places We Live – online multimedia exhibition of photographs that document life in urban slums and the effects of rural-to-urban migration – Link


  • Interviews with experts; effects on health, environment, development, and other issues. – Link
  • Pop. growth and the role of the international donor community. – Link
  • Population health, how to measure health quality of entire populations. – Link
  • Population Institute – Focusing on family planning and pop. growth. – Link
  • Public health seminar series, relates to pop. growth and progress. – Link
  • Yale Univ. – Fertility, pop. growth, demographics, and pop. policy. – Link


  • 7 Billion, effects on modernization, health care, and other issues. – Link
  • 7 Billion others project – Link
  • Crossroads Project – Using Performance Art to Explore Humanity’s Growing Sustainability and its Quest for a Response – Link
  • Discovery Channel – Intersection of pop. growth and energy demand. – Link
  • Environmental problems, implications for U.S. Policy. (Series) – Link
  • Exit (Terre Natale) – Population Delta – Link
  • Exit (Terre Natale) – Population Shift – Link
  • Gapminder (Hans Rosling) videos and infographics – “A Fact-Based Worldview” – Link
  • Infographic – 7 Billion: How Did We Get So Big So Fast? – Link
  • Measuring and Fostering the Progress of Societies. – Link (Part I) Link (Part II)
  • Media that Matters – Accessible videos tackling complex global issues – Link
  • NPR Planet Money – Bangladesh Garment Workers – Link
  • PBS interviews and programs about world population. – Link
  • Progress of all countries through income and overall health – Link
  • Question Bridges – U.S. Black Male Idenity Project – Link
  • Recycled Musical Instruments – Link
  • TED talk – Global pop. growth and the data. – Link
  • U.S. population growth and its demographic breakdown. – Link


  • Urban Survivors – a multimedia project by Doctors without Borders highlighting the humanitarian and medical needs of seven of the world’s biggest slums – Link
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